Laura Visigalli

Photographer Milano, IT

I' m an Architect and indipendent photographer based in Milan (Italy). I studied art, graphic design and photography at the high school, and architecture at the Politecnico University of Milan, where I got a degree in architecture and interior design.
I have been basically working as architect and designer, which is still my main profession,
until I bought my first digital SRL camera in 2008.
Digital gives the chance to transform a mere passion in a kind of obsession, i.e. the need
to experience the space around me through reflections, just to see what was hidden
inside them.
First images emerged inside my homespace. All in a sudden with my camera I discovered a mirror that included another space. And a mirror, a cat, a tree and the sky recreated themselves in a brand-new mosaic, with me becoming bright like the sky or fluid like water. I try to read reality through the world of reflections and filtered transparences. Many of my works are in this groove, (among them "I put a spell on you" serie).
Since 2013 I started working with digital collage too. These works , including "I'm (not) perfect" set presented in Bristol UK in May 2014 , rise from the melting of two photos in a new surreal image, as a basic aim of my art is to turn physical space and human subject in another mental and symbolic
dimension. through the world of reflections and filtered transparences,

e x i b i t i o n s

2011 Gen|Feb – Solo exibition- FILTRI DI PELLE – ATMBar Milano –

2011 Mar – Donne in Mostra, Filtri di Pelle, Comune di Robbiate (Lc)
2011 Mar – Mostra collettiva “Sospesa”, LOFT21, Milano

2014 Apr – Collective exhibition “Self”, The Island, Bristol |29-Apr, 04-May|

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2013 | Vintage&Modern (Photography,collaboration)